Established in 2018, tool-e-byte -India is one of the fastest-growing Organisation focused on Digitisation, Publishing and allied German Language Services. With a core team of 75 employees, including 18 German Language Specialist employees across India, tool-e-byte -India aims at emerging as a one-stop solution of German content. The scope of the company covers the following areas of our service spectrum:
*German Language Services
At tool-e-byte -India, we offer specialised services that cover the above-mentioned area range to suit the clients' needs. By these comprehensive services, we at tool-e-byte aim at empowering our clients by providing strong backend support, round the clock.
People Count:
Here at tool-e-byte -India, we believe in the power of human potential that transcends transactional business relationships. We have made a conscious choice to incorporate work-life balance in our business model. Combining the German principles of our parent company with Indian ingenuity, We aim to differ from our counterparts by achieving the lowest attrition rate of the Indian job market.
Our guiding principles focus on disconnecting from superficial differences and incorporate the true potential of each employee in our everyday work. Each employee at tool-e-byte -India believes in 'making it count', as each of them is a stakeholder in the growth and prosperity of the company. 
Our office at Nashik replicates every guiding principle of our parent company and value the true essence of the 'Human' in Human Resources. In every aspect of our work, we emphasise the importance of believing in the person sitting in front of a machine, than the machine itself!
teb and COVID 19 Pandemic:
COVID 19 and the global pandemic has brought the world halting in its tracks but here at tool-e-byte -India, it has renewed our commitment towards achieving excellence.
The core team at Nashik has successfully executed the core of 'Home Office', combining the safety of our teammates and the benchmarks of our work ethics. During the times when Companies across the globe are facing challenges in delivering the services to their clients while protecting the interest of the employees, we at tool-e-byte -India, continue to serve our clients while keeping each of our employee safe in the comforts of their homes.

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