About Us

Michael Thuleweit
Founder and CEO, tool-e-byte India

With the experience spanning over 3 decades and counting in India, Michael Thuleweit has translated his leadership experience in various management positions, into a force that inspires innovation and creativity in the tool-e-byte Universe. Backed by a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, He is skilled in Nearshore, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Content Management, Team Building, and Management. Over the years, he has successfully emerged as a strong entrepreneur with a flair for deep human connections. Furthermore, he has keen expertise in software development and strategic alliances. This has helped him pioneer various innovative projects under and beyond the TeB umbrella.

In his role as the CEO, Michael has banked on the core potential of every individual, inspiring confidence in teams to become self-actualized. He holds a strong grass-root connection in the organization and believes in developing strong relationships that go beyond business transactions.

Academically, He is a Computer Graduate who passed out in the year 1983 from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Dominik Thuleweit
CFO, tool-e-byte 

Backed by rich experience and in-depth expertise over his core competencies in the financial world, Dominik has successfully streamlined the tool-e-byte Universe, enabling it to emerge as an empowered enterprise. He was instrumental in the division of the parent company into 3 separate entities which included the seamless transfer of assets and protecting the interest of each company. 

He holds key expertise in Financial planning, Policy Formulation, Data Protection and Accounting. Furthermore, He has a mastery over the consolidation of the balance sheets according to International Financial Reporting Standards, including countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Academically, he holds a degree in Business Administration, Tax and Auditing from iBA-University of Cooperative Education, Darmstadt, Germany.

Gangadhar Thalla
COO and Co-founder tool-e-byte India.

With humble beginnings of his career trajectory as a Trainee at Datamatics Global Services Ltd. in 1995, he exited as the Delivery Head in 2017. Backed by a strong background in Content Management, he closely with key client portfolio like Lexis Nexis, Wolterskluwer and Schaffhauser Nachrichten, leading newspaper companies in Germany.

Shifting Datamatics' base to Nashik (India), He was entrusted with the responsibility of set-up and development of Datamatics Publishing Division. Starting with the core resource team of 10, he successfully groomed and mentored, building a 300 personnel strong team in a matter of years. He gathered a stellar experience spread across 23 years.

In 2017, He joined tool-e-byte GMBH. With that he laid down the foundation of India operations. His dedicated efforts took shape as tool-e-byte, India was established in the 2018 with him leading charge as the Managing Director of India Operations.

Academically, he is an Engineering Graduate in Electronics from Osmania University and holds a PG Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) from the University of Mumbai. Furthermore, He is a certified Internal ISMS and ISO Auditor. And he is has cleared the A1 (Level1) in the German language from Max Müller Bhavan. 

Hardeep Garewal
HR- Head tool-e-byte India.

With a work experience of over 19 years and counting, Hardeep is a dedicated HR professional with a flair for enhancing interpersonal relationships within the organisation. She is a people's person who takes on challenges in the right stride, overcoming them with patience and poise.

She joined tool-e-byte in October 2019 and is successfully heading the Human Resources Department since. Her key responsibilities include Recruitment and selection, Partnering with hiring managers to determine staffing needs, Maintaining relationships with internal and external clients to ensure achievement of staffing goals and related responsibilities.

In her career trajectory, she has worked mainly in Multinational Companies across various industries. Her roles have been diverse, covering spectrums of Administration, HR Operations, Finance, Labour Relations, Employee Relations, Payroll Processing, Training and Development.

Academically, she holds a Master's Degree in Personnel Management from the University of Pune, Diploma in Human Resource Development from NILEM University, Chennai and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Mumbai.

Suhas Dev
Project Manager, tool-e-byte India.

With the experience spanning over a decade, Suhas seamlessly merged his BPO/KPO expertise with Publishing and Digitalisation Services here at tool-e-byte in his role as the lead project manager. He takes the lead and guides effectively in projects requiring directions on Digitalisation and Publishing projects covering the scope of Paper or PDF to OCR, XML, ePub, Word Formatting, Photo Digitization, Arts Digitization, Legal Data processing projects.

Joining the core team in 2017, Suhas was instrumental in the foundation and setting up of tool-e-byte India Pvt Ltd. His core competencies include expertise in Photoshop, Illustrations, HTML, XML and OCR.

Academically, he is a Computer Science graduate from KTHM College, Nashik passing out in the year 2013.

Amol Khairnar
Project Manager, tool-e-byte India.

Specialized in Digitalisation and Publishing projects including Paper or PDF to OCR, XML, ePub, Word Formatting, Photo Digitization, Arts Digitization, Legal Data processing projects, Amol supervises the Publishing and Digitalisation Services here at tool-e-byte in his role as the project manager. He channels quality to his projects from his projects drawing from his decade long experience in areas of Digitalisation and Publishing.

Academically, He holds a Masters Degree in Computers Management from the University of Pune. Additionally, he holds a Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma and is currently pursuing Black Belt Lean Six Sigma certification from Exemplar Global. This has enabled him to be well-versed in implementing Six Sigma Green Belt methodologies to the Projects and help them run them smoothly. Furthermore, he is keen on extending his knowledge of the German language and is looking forward to receiving his A1 certification.

Sandeep Jadhav
Project Manager, tool-e-byte India

With the experience spanning over 13 years and counting, Sandeep has translated his learning from various industries to the projects undertaken by him here at tool-e-byte in his role as the project manager. He has an expertise in LOBs like Research and Analytics, Document Management, Business, Medical Transcription and has skilled knowledge of XML, Lotus Notes, Arbotext, Word Formatting, MS-Excel. Furthermore, he successfully handles projects like Preparation of MIS reports and Presentations. In Publishing LOB, he showcases his expertise in all PDF to XML projects, PDF to HTML, ePub, Typesetting (InDesign), Word Formatting, MySQL Database i.e Rights Management.

Joining the core team in 2017, Sandeep was instrumental in the foundation and setting up of tool-e-byte India Pvt Ltd. Since then he has shouldered responsibilities as Production Manager and responsible for Publishing services LOB.

Academically, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and has completed his Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. Furthermore, he is keen on extending his prowess over the German language and is German A1 Level Certified.