Content Migration Services

Content Migration Services Department at tool-e-byte India supports our clients to process their content, providing them with a state-of-art quality of work in all required format like XML, HTML, ePub, InDesign, MySQL and Word Formatting. Our expertise matches the requirement of both Indian and European Market. We provide extensive support for various inputs formats like PDF, Word, InDesign and process those to required output as per the client requirement. With our own software company, TEB-SW, we develop a specific software solution for each of our client. At tool-e-byte India, we aim to achieve the highest possible level of automation for our clients to reduce the manual efforts and the associated cost.

Listed below are the various spectrums in whose framework we offer our services:

Short TAT Daily NEWS Papers and Monthly Weekly Magazines:

In Content Migration Services, we mostly support to our customer to produce short TAT Daily NEWS papers, Weekly and Monthly magazines and provide these service with 24 x7 support in 365 days through TEB subsidiary.

Secondary marketing of articles:

Most newspaper publishers have a PDF-archive but not an XML based for each article organised archive. This is the first step to make the content available to the third party for secondary marketing. Here, at tool-e-byte India, our clients have an opportunity to explore big potential through our XML based archive management system. The same applies to the marketing of picture copyrights. With our experts, we take over the conversion in XML with the highest degree of automation. At the same time, our team is available for the cost-efficient manual intervention in the transfer.

Publication of eBooks:

Content Migration Services division at tool-e-byte India extends supports beyond that of short TAT newspapers. We also support to produce eBooks to our clients with required outputs and can process in PDF, Word, InDesign, Image format Books to eBooks.